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  • They had wrapped their bullets in a scrap of greased leather that not only helped the bullet grip the spiralling lands in the barrel, but, when the weapon was fired, expanded to block any of the exploding gas escaping past the bullet through the barrel's grooves.
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  • Bret, for he it was, made no answer, but appeared, from the convulsive movement of his lips, to be muttering a prayer.
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  • The joyous colors of the city seemed to permeate the bright-eyed young Keorgan male sent to guide them.
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  • One of the constables noticed that there were marks of blood on his shirt.
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  • They will all have to be young and strong men, the best we have, for it will be a long and arduous journey through Bay Sol, and then back again.
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    Above its arch was the same golden mask emblem that had adorned the entrance to Castle Gateway.
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  • He had not liked Eve Bancroft, but she had been young and alive, and she had believed in her chosen man.
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  • Would you be the cause of a child's death, Duke of Koln?
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    You just can't wait to join the Hunt, can you?
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  • I call the differences between you and me the most major difference in the world.
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    The captain stared at me in amazement, but was presently convinced that I was indeed speaking the truth, and rejoiced greatly at my escape.
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    Inveterate and cynical audio nuts, common at the Big U, would walk into their room and freeze solid, such was Fenrick's System, its skyscraping rack of obscure black slabs with no lights, knobs or switches, the 600-watt Black Hole Hyperspace Energy Nexus Field Amp that sat alone like the Kaaba, the shielded coaxial cables thrown out across the room to the six speaker stacks that made it look like an enormous sonic slime mold in spawn.
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    spend time with your family godfather
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  • If you had the synnoiotic potential, you must develop it from early childhood, or it was gone.
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  • He simply told them what to do-told Kinson what to do, more to the point, since Mareth was still sleeping at that juncture-and then disappeared into the trees.
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  • CYRANO (whose face changes more and more): Tuesday, the Court repaired to Fontainebleau.
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    That part lying to the north and west of this line is usually spoken of as Upper Georgia; while that lying to the south and east, extending to the Atlantic Ocean and the Florida line, is called Lower Georgia.